Some say he’s quackers and others mistake him for a species of tit, but the dapper gent spotted merrily rambling around town, whistling like a bird, is in fact Birdyman; Brighton’s own world class warbler and pedlar of whistles.

“I’ve used the bird whistle on stage and in street performance for many years” explains Tim Bat, Brighton based artist and professional juggler (retired).

“Audiences are amazed by the sound and curious to see how it’s done. When it came to the credit crunch in 2009, I hatched a plan; to turn people’s curiosity into cash by hawking the whistles on the street in a fun way”.

Having obtained a pedlar’s certificate from the local constabulary, fledgling Birdyman perched a sign on his fishing rod, nestled whistles into his tweedy pockets and took to the streets. Brighton has been a-twitter ever since.

tim bat brighton portrait

“Street performers and pedlars are a rare sight nowadays; we are indeed an endangered species, and I want to hereby thank all of my audiences over the years for their laughter and support, together with my lovely customers and patrons without whom Birdyman would face extinction”

Birdyman North Laine Brighton sussex

Birdyman in North Laine Brighton
Photo by Tony Tree